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Discover your best self by uncovering the underlying blocks to your happiness


Know you want to make a change, but not sure where to begin?

Maybe you struggle with...

  • A deep seated belief that you're not good enough

  • Finding and maintaining a healthy intimate relationship

  • Managing challenging relationship dynamics

  • Hiding your true feelings/needs with others

  • Finding meaning or sense of purpose in your life

  • Feeling like you can't calm yourself down

  • Procrastinating and lacking motivation to achieve your goals 


Life can be hard. 

Together we can can it easier. 

A lot of people struggle with feeling that who they are and what they're doing is not enough.  I help you explore and resolve challenges so that you can have a meaningful life that feels safe, free and connected.  

Therapeutic approaches

(Eye Movement Desensitization
& Reprocessing

(Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

(Acceptance & Commitment Therapy)

(couples therapy)

(Internal Family Systems)


"You live most of your life inside of your head.
Make sure it's a nice place to be." 


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Today, CBT is considered to be the gold standard in evidence-based psychotherapy.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is about developing resilience and coping skills. CBT can be an effective way to improve your frame of mind. The concept behind CBT is recognizing the negative or distorted thoughts we have and understanding how realistic they actually are. Because our thoughts, feelings and behaviors can influence each other, we can change how we feel by identifying how they are related and what they trigger. CBT helps us manage our feelings, so we may develop a happier and healthier outlook on life.




Through mindfulness techniques, Luc helps clients bring awareness into the present moment and get in touch with their authentic selves. He has found that mindfulness can often be the gateway for greater healing and growth, as well as insight into ourselves and others. Through simple exercises, individuals can practice paying attention to their breathing in order to strengthen their ability to pay attention in their daily lives. Clients often report that mindfulness allows them to develop greater relaxation and awareness in their day-to-day experiences.  Research has shown mindfulness to be very effective for a variety of issues, including depression and anxiety. 

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)

ACT helps clients learn to stop avoiding, denying, and struggling with their inner emotions and instead, accept that these deeper feelings are appropriate responses to certain situations that should not prevent them from moving forward in their lives.  With this understanding, clients begin to accept their issues and hardships and commit to making necessary changes in their behaviors, regardless of what is going on in their lives, and how they feel about it. 

Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprograming

EMDR is a psychotherapeutic technique designed to alleviate distress associated with traumatic memories.  During EMDR sessions, clients recall distressing events while engaging in bilateral stimulation.  This dual attention process helps reprocess memories, reducing their emotional intensity and enabling adaptive resolution.   Originally developed for trauma, EMDR has expanded to address various psychological conditions.  Its efficacy and widespread use have made it a well-established and researched therapeutic modality in mental health treatment.

Internal Family Systems

IFS is a therapeutic approach that views the mind as a system of subpersonalities or "parts".  IFS explores how these parts function and aims to foster harmony within the psyche.  Therapy involves identifying and understanding these parts, often associated with different emotions or roles, and promoting a compassionate, self-led leadership style known as the "Self".  By facilitating communication among these internal components, IFS seeks to heal emotional wounds and enhance overall wellbeing.


“Luc is very easy to talk to.  For the first time, I have found a safe space to speak freely and be heard without fear of judgement and rejection.  I am grateful for the compassion, care and treatment that I have received with Luc.”    -J.P

Luc provides an atmosphere of safety in a way that allowed me to openly cry which is an emotion that I have internalized most of my life.  Luc is very intuitive regarding my internal needs and with the pace of the therapy process.   He helped me find my peace and equilibrium, emotionally and spiritually.  His humility and vulnerability in sharing some of his own difficulties made me feel thoroughly understood and appreciated.  Luc gave me the tools needed to unfold my past and to move forward in the future”.    -Mark

"Luc is wonderful - highly recommend bringing him into your life🩷"  - Tanya M.

"Luc has hands down transformed my life. He helped me see things in a completely different ways, from my relationship with myself, with my partner, with my family, and most importantly my parents. I had always been doubtful to go down the road with a therapist but im truly pleased i did. Luc thank you for all the guidance over the years. It's been a true gift to my life and those around me".     -Felix N.

"Luc was helpful throughout our sessions. His profession insights and guidance helped me push past some issues that have always challenged me".  -Rick L.

"I have been aquainted with Luc for over 2 years and have found him to be one of the most thoughtful and understanding people I have known. Luc takes his time to listen, process and to reflect before giving guidance. He possesses a remarkable level or intelligence when it comes to mental health and LBGTQ+ issues. He relies on a vast knowledge of psychological theories and therapeutic approaches. Luc is compassionate, empathetic, perceptive and always provides a safe nurturing environment. He has a very compassionate way of understanding ones needs and concerns.   - Steven M.

"I have known Luc Boudreau in various capacities for a number of years now. He is one of the most kind, empathetic, engaged, professional practitioners. He goes the extra mile to keep up on the latest modalities and is an amazing therapist. Luc combines his great welcoming approach with his excellent therapy expertise. He has helped many folks through his one on one as well as group sessions. I would not hesitate to recommend him - especially if you are a member of the LGBTQ2+ community as he has a particular interest and understanding of many of the issues patients face".   - Jason H.

"Luc has helped my in many capacities of my life, business and personal. I have a tendency to procrastinate and he gave me tools to use to keep me on track. He's very kind, great listener, organized, sincere, and easy to talk too".   - Matty T.

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